T T.
Dr. Josh has helped myself and multiple members of my family navigate through disease and illness with a sensitive, comprehensive, honest, and (most importantly) effective approach. It is obvious that he cares and is dedicated to his patients. His expertise in natural treatments for complex chronic illness, such as Lyme Disease, is like no other we have seen in any other practice. His office has a positive, healing vibe to it, which is reflected in his light-hearted demeanor. Although their prices may sting a bit, as most insurance will not cover natural treatments; it is worth investing in our health with Dr. Josh for us to achieve and maintain wellness.
Katy mc Dowell
Dr. Donaldson is exceptional with his patients. He is an expert in treating orthopedics, addiction with rapid and safe alternative detox therapies. His state of the art NAD therapies give instant relief for anxiety, depression and is the nicest Doctor. I heard of him all the way in Mexico from a wonderful woman named Ann who treats all the celebrities with the hydration and nutrition IV therapies that he is known for. He is a great doctor, very intelligent and caring professional. A quality person who truly cares about people with the latest technologies in a beautiful office in a peaceful setting. Highly recommended!!!
Robyn Mcintire
I saw Dr. Donaldson for 10 sessions of ozone therapy to help me build my immune system up after having mono and had nothing less than great results! I feel so much better now and am going to continue doing a treatment every 6 months to give my health a boost. I Love Dr. Donaldson's assistant Margo too she's very kind, generous, and empathetic to everyone and she always brings a fun and positive attitude to any treatment. If your looking for a naturopathic doctor I would definitely recommend them! -Robyn
Thomas F.
Dr. Josh Donaldson, ND Anne Alyse Ostis Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic My story began when my banjo music teacher and band leader told me that my right and left hands were not in synch. Continued practice only made matters worse and my role of playing rhythm degraded. I explained to my wife that many of my routine chores were becoming increasingly uncomfortable and difficult to do. The Medical Conditions: In my 70th year, my right shoulder was very painful from years of use, no specific cause could be identified; my left should had been injured years ago by a soccer injury playing goalie; and my neck was in constant stiffness and pain, presumably from years of physical work and when my stopped car was rear-ended by a speeding car. One of my doctor's is a notable Chiropractor, as well as, an Applied Kinesiologist. After his treatments did not improve my conditions, he recommended that I make an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon. The appointment was made and after a series of X-rays, MRI's and Neurological tests and evaluations, I was told that my right rotator cuff discomfort was because of three torn tendons: two minor tears and one high tear. Specific Cause: Unknown. The MRI showed that my C3 though the C5 vertebrae were impinged from arthritis, and that I also had a mild case of carpal tunnel in my right wrist. Fortunately, the nerves were functioning. The Orthopedic surgeon and Neurologist recommended elective surgeries first for the rotator-cuff, and then later, surgery for the impinged neck vertebrae. Then a second Chiropractor suggested I should first look into Prolotherapy and Plasma Rich Platelets treatments instead of elective surgery. This doctor of Chiropractic is himself a patient of successful Prolo and PRP treatments from sport injuries as a youth and collegiate NCAA football. His recommendation: Get a Second Opinion from an established doctor using Prolo and PRP. Surgery may be necessary, but the risks can be very high with major surgery. I did and I cancelled my elective orthopedic surgery to repair my rotator-cuff. After researching doctors who practice Prolo and PRP from Southern California to the Bay Area, I landed on Dr. Josh's website. (By the way, he asked me to call simply him Dr. Josh as he said that there are too many d's in Donaldson.) True to his website, before deciding if my conditions would benefit from Prolo or PRP treatments, he reviewed all of my medical reports for my shoulders and neck. Using ultrasound in his office, he showed me the injured area to my right rotator cuff, and my left shoulder soccer injury that were consistent with the orthopedic and neurological evidence from my primary care provider. We began treating the three areas with Prolotherapy and Plasma Rich Platelets. (In my case, Stem Cell was not necessary.) After about two months of treatments from Dr. Josh, I was able to resume doing simple handyman chores without discomfort to my right shoulder and wrist, and including launching my free flight competition balsa wood catapult gliders pain free. Dr. Josh highly recommended I include therapeutic Active Muscle Release (AMR) that would improve the benefits from his treatments, and my Chiropractor also encouraged me to consider AMR. Anne Alyse Ostis came highly recommended. Her comprehensive methods have improved my mechanical and neurological issues so that I am now playing banjo again without the numbness and tingling in my wrists and fingers. It took several months, but I am now playing publicly with the banjo band. My range of motion for both shoulders and the neck has improved as well. Simply stated, all three practitioners have restored functionality to my shoulders and neck, and reduced the pain and discomfort significantly. The greatly reduced neuropathy has allowed me to enjoy my musical hobby, playing the tenor banjo. My wife and I are happier now that I can resume my handiwork around the house, the band is happy that I have been able to return, and I am very happy to be able to fly my competitive model airplanes again painlessly. My quality of life is much better. Thomas F.